The Institute of Knowledge Integration is a non-profit organization registered in 2018 with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, National Agency of Public Registry in Tbilisi (Reg. No. 402087344). The Institute focuses on three streams of activities: education, research & publication, and events. The educational activities of the Institute of Knowledge Integration comprise Postgraduate Certificate Program in Islamic Thought and Knowledge Integration as well as individual online courses and webinars.

IKI Academy is an online higher learning institution, with a special focus on the idea of integration of knowledge. It advances an interdisciplinary approach to revealed and human acquired knowledge with an emphasis on Islamic thought, Ijtihad, Maqasid Al-Shariah, Civilizational and Social studies.

The postgraduate program offered by the Institute is designed for graduates of both general humanities and technical specialties, as well as religious educational institutions who intend to deepen their knowledge in the field of Islamic studies. The project is implemented by the Institute of Knowledge Integration (Georgia) and International Institute of Islamic Thought (USA).



Through our educational and research projects, we strive to foster inclusive and responsible people who understand, value and promote a culture of learning and collaboration in their communities.



The mission of the institute is to provide postgraduate education in Islamic studies from an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective to promote the development of human knowledge, dignity and respect in modern society.