Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oleg Yarosh

Academic Field: Religious Studies, History of Ideas

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oleg Yarosh is a head of the History of Oriental Philosophy Department at the Institute of Philosophy of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Kyiv, Ukraine). He received PhD in Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture from the Institute of Philosophy in 2002. Dr. Yarosh serves on the editorial board of the Islamology: Journal for Studies of Islam and Muslim Societies (Moscow).

His main research subject is Islam and Muslims in Europe with special focus on Western Sufism. Dr. Yarosh is also interested in Anthropology of Religion and Comparative Philosophy. His most recent publications are: Religious authority and conversions in Berlin's Sufi communities, [in:] “Moving in and out of Islam", K. van Nieuwkerk (ed) (Austin: UT Press, 2018); Political Conflict in Ukraine and Its Impact on the Muslim Communities: Local Developments and Transnational Context, [in:] Muslim Minorities and the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska, Marta Pachocka, Jan Misiuna (eds) (Warsaw: SGH Publishing House, 2019); Sufi Communities in the West: charisma and institutionalization, [in:] The Islamic World in contemporary and historical perspective, I. Konczak, M. Lewicka, A. Nalborczyk (eds) (Łódź: Łódź University Publishing House, 2020).