Frequently asked questions

About the project

This is a fully online institute aimed at promoting the idea of integration of knowledge from an Islamic perspective. It aims to combine the revealed and the human acquired knowledge in the fields of social and human studies.
The Institute is officially registered in Tbilisi, Georgia. However, since the institute operates online, it does not have to be physically present in any one location.
This program is designed for university graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any field. Nevertheless, college graduates with diploma are also welcome to enrol.
At the moment, the program is not accredited. However, it is designed according to international Islamic studies standards found at various Islamic universities or colleges around the world, particularly Malaysia.
The program is not equivalent to Master’s degree but a specialized postgraduate certificate course. The institute is planning to develop this program into a Master’s degree course with accreditation.
Sure. In fact, we welcome students of all faiths and beliefs to discover with us the Islamic intellectual legacy and contemporary developments with an interdisciplinary and integrated approach.
All our faculty members hold at least a Doctorate degree with extensive publishing, research and teaching experience.
None. Studying for this program is absolutely free.
The course is designed to be completed within minimum trimester.
The teaching is conducted fully online with synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods with video lectures and face-to-face discussions. Students will have access to study materials via the institute’s learning management system.
Good computer/laptop and smartphone/tablet with stable broadband internet connection.
Just send the required documents to [email protected]. The institute will contact you within two working days to confirm your enrolment.
To perform well in this course, students should speak, read, and understand English at least at upper intermediate level. However, our instructors are ready to assist students in Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian, if needed.
The course is aimed at introducing students to the field of Islamic thought from an integrated perspective. Students who have not studied about Islam in any way, may find this course a bit overwhelming. However, it is up to the student’s learning ability and willingness to study new fields of knowledge. The course is highly intellectual and requires extensive reading and ability to do research.