Grants for 2023

1. Arzu Mammadova (Baku, Azerbaijan), “The Role of Islam in the Formation of the System of Electoral Administration (on the Example of Jaro-Belakan Free Societies)”.

2. Djalalitdin Mirzaev (Termez, Uzbekistan), “Coins as a source of the history of Islam”.

3. Talgat Temirbayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan), “The Chronicle of Islamic Education in Modern Kazakhstan: Achievements and Modern Challenges”.

4. Aygerim Temirbayeva (Almaty, Kazakhstan), “Influencers of the 21st Century: Sufi Leaders of Modern Kazakhstan”.

5. Elvira Latifova (Baku, Azerbaijan), “The Islamic Factor in the National Liberation Movement of the Population of Northwestern Azerbaijan in the First Half of the 19th Century”.

6. Roiala Mamedova (Pardubice, Czech Republic), “The historical transformation of Turco-Muslim women’s identity in the South Caucasus”.

7. Sergei Khavanskiy (Moscow, Russia), “Islamic traditions of reconciliation and mediation in Russia”.

8. Derya Idikurt (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), “The Pilgrimage in the Shadow of Pandemics: Russian Muslims in Hijaz”.

9. Ranetta Gafarova (Agri, Turkey), “The process of evolution of the Crimean Tatar people through the prism of religious culture and political maturity in the conditions of non-violent struggle for self-determination”.

10. Magomed Gizbulaev (Makhachkala, Russia), “Caucasian (Dagestani) legal works in Arabic language in XVIII-XIX centuries: a textbook”.

11. Bidas Moldakhmet (Almaty, Kazakhstan), “Trust index to the religious institution of Islam among Almaty city residents”.

12. Kamil Nasibullov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), “Manifestation of the worldview relationship “God-World” in the communication of modern Muslims”.

13. Jafar Mustafaev (Istanbul, Turkey), “Islam in Georgia”.

14. Tamari Taralashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia), “Exploring the Educational and Employment Paths of Muslim Youth in Georgia: Needs and Challenges”.

15. Kytaibek Uturov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), “The Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the context of “education and upbringing” and the reforms of modern pedagogical technology through integration and convergence”.

16. Almasbek Shagyrbay (Almaty, Kazakhstan), “Index of perception of religion by residents of Almaty: trends and problems”.