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Full program

Program description

Postgraduate Certificate in Islamic Thought and Knowledge Integration is a fully online educational program designed and introduced through IKI Academy by the Institute of Knowledge Integration (Tbilisi, Georgia) in collaboration with the Department of Eastern Philosophy Sector, Institute of Philosophy (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) with the support of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT, USA).
The program is designed to create a scholarly environment for young researchers and scholars to learn and share ideas on Integration of Knowledge, contemporary Islamic thought, Maqasid Al-Shari’ah, and applied Islamic knowledge and heritage.
It aims to develop individuals who understand the relevance of Islamic sciences, methodologies and approaches to the contemporary world, and are able to positively contribute to society through the ideas of integration of revealed and human acquired knowledge.
The program is delivered fully online and consists of video lectures (asynchronous format) and face-to-face discussions (synchronous format). Teaching and learning materials are provided by instructors through the Learning Management System (LMS).
The Postgraduate certificate in Islamic Thought and Knowledge Integration is free of charge for all students.
To complete the program students are required to take nine (9) core courses and three (3) elective courses. The students are free to take any courses, except ITKI 6300 (Research Paper), which is recommended to take in the last semester of study. ITKI 6001 and ITKI 6004 are prerequisites for ITKI 6300.
Core courses:

1. ITKI 6001 Methodology of Scientific Research and Concept Formation;
2. ITKI 6002 Foundations of Islam: Concepts and Application;
3. ITKI 6003 Islamic Civilization in World History;
4. ITKI 6004 Islamic Epistemology and Critical Thinking;
5. ITKI 6005 Tafsir and Modern Islamic Exegetics;
6. ITKI 6101 Objectives of Sharia;
7. ITKI 6102 Ijtihad, Renewal and Modernity in Contemporary Islamic Thought;
8. ITKI 6103 Readings in Comparative Religion.

Elective courses (choose any three):

1. ITKI 6201 Islamic Economics and Finance;
2. ITKI 6203 Islam and Family Institution;
3. ITKI 6204 Sociology of Religion and Culture;
4. ITKI 6205 Anthropology of Islam;
5. ITKI 6206 Islamic Psychology.
Instructors will grade students’ performance continuously throughout the trimester based on participation, presentation, tests, quizzes, and written assignments, subject to specific requirements of a particular course.
Students who successfully complete the whole program (nine core and three elective courses), will receive a postgraduate certificate of completion. The Academy intends to choose the best graduates each year and award them with special prizes.
The Institute will have three intakes per year, in February, June and October. Duration of each trimester is twelve (12) weeks.
The program is designed for graduates (holding at least a Bachelor’s degree or specialist diploma) of general humanities, religious studies and technical specialties, who intend to deepen their knowledge in the fields of Islamic Thought and Integration of the Revealed and Human Acquired Knowledge. The program is open to all applicants regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds.
The program is designed to be taught and assessed in English and Russian.
● Full curriculum vitae in English or in Russian;
● Copy of a latest degree or a specialist’s diploma;
● Motivation letter (up to 1 page) in English or in Russian.
June intake - 24 May, October intake - 24 September, February intake - 25 January. Apply now or email all required documents in PDF format to: [email protected].
You can find out more about courses and the faculty on our website: