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Forum of Central Eurasian Scholars

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the Institute of Knowledge Integration (IKI) organize an annual forum that serves as a platform for Central Eurasian scholars to meet and exchange views. This region brings together the countries and peoples of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, which have long been under Russian imperial and communist influence that has affected their political and cultural processes. Forums have been organized for the last 6 years in Turkey, Malaysia and Ukraine in the format of panel discussions, round tables and trainings. Forum languages are Russian and English.

The topics of the forums

The topics of the forums cover issues of history, identity, culture, education and intellectual thought of Muslims in the region.

Topics of past forums:

• From revealed knowledge and social sciences faculties' (Istanbul, 2017)
• Islamic education in CIS countries (Kuala Lumpur, 2018)
• Islamic intellectual thought in the CIS countries (Istanbul, 2019)
• Islamic learning in Eastern and Central Europe: historical features and contemporary perspectives (Kyiv, 2020)
• The past and future of Islamic thought in the CIS countries: prospects for reforms and integration of knowledge (Istanbul, 2022)
• Muslims of Central Eurasia in the 21st century: challenges, opportunities, and prospects (Istanbul, 2023)


Postgraduate students and experienced scholars from post-Soviet and post-communist countries of Eastern Europe, specializing in Islamic studies, law, art, humanities and social sciences, whose research interests are related to the Central Eurasia region, are eligible to participate in the forum.


Application for participation in the forum in the form of a short biographical note (100 words) and abstracts (200 words) is accepted by e-mail [email protected] before the deadline set by the organizing committee (see information letter). The organizing committee covers travel and accommodation expenses of the forum participants.

VII Forum

International Institute of Islamic Thought and Institute of Knowledge Integration invite applications for the 7th forum “The Integrated Approach in the Socio-Humanitarian Studies of Central Eurasia: Issues and Perspectives,” which will take place from October 25 to 29, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkiye. The focus of the forum will be on processes related to the integration of Islamic worldview, values, and knowledge into the educational process, as well as socio-humanitarian studies in the countries of Central Eurasia. We invite scholars who originate from this region and professionally study various aspects of the lives of Muslim communities in Central Eurasia to participate. The deadline for applications is June 25, 2024. More detailed information can be found here: