Assoc.Prof, Dr Filius Iakhin

Academic Field: Psychology, Mental Health

Dr. Iakhin Filius, a member of the Managing Board of Association Psychological Assistance to Muslims  (Russia) and the Head of the Bashkortostan Regional Branch of this Association (Russia, Ufa), Associate Professor at the Institute of Knowledge Integration (IKI) Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia), a private practical/clinical psychologist (counselor).
He is a Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Law from the Dissertation Council of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Russian Foreign Ministry (Moscow, Russia, 2004), holds Master degree in Psychology from the Bashkir State Pedagogical University (BSPU) named after M.Akmullah (Ufa, Russia, 2022). He also passed licensed long-term conversion training courses on Practical Psychology (2013-2014), Clinical Psychology (2021-2022) in BSPU, certified training courses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2018-2019), Schema-therapy (2019-2021), Islamic Psychology (2020), Multicultural Counseling (2021), Spiritual Pedagogy and Psychology (2020). In 2022 he finished a postgraduate higher educational program in Islamic Thought and Knowledge Integration in IKI Academy.
In 2020-2021 Dr. Iakhin worked as Senior Lecturer at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan (online courses on “Social Psychology”, “Psychoanalysis and Religion”). In 2011-2012, 2018-2019, 2021-2022 he held a position of Associate Professor at the Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations. In 2006-2013 he gave lectures as Associate Professor at the Law Institute of the Bashkir State University. Dr. Iakhin also taught legal disciplines as Assistant Professor at the Ufa State Oil Technical University (2009-2010, 2011-2012), Russian Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow (2001-2005). Currently, he is also a Senior researcher at the Bashkir State Pedagogical University (Ufa).
From 2000 to 2017 he mainly worked in legal positions and civil service, combining his work with academic activity. From 2018 he started professional psychological counseling, mostly working with Muslim clients.
His basic spheres of professional and academic interests are Islamic Psychology, Islamic Counseling and Psychotherapy, Integration of Islamic and Western psychological knowledge and applying integrated methods and techniques in practice (he is the author of the integrative method of AYA-therapy, that is based on applying the Qur’anic miraculous signs (symbolic images and stories)); Psychology of Religion; Theory of Law (problems of legal psychology, educative function of law). 
Dr. Iakhin regularly publishes scientific articles on psychology in academic and professional journals.