Dr. Bukuri Zejno

Academic Field: Education, Islamic Worldview, Communication

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bukuri Zejno, who is from Albania, received her B.A (hons) from IIUM in Communication, Human Sciences and her M.A. and Ph.D. from IIUM in Education. She has presented in a number of conferences and has written papers in the field of Education, ethics of using technology, plagiarism, women’s participation in education and work, educational policy and academic integrity, etc. Dr Bukuri was appointed as Assistant Editor for the IIUM Journal of Religion and Civilizational Studies for a one-year period. She has as well, rendered professional assistance, reviews and language editing services to a number of research projects. Among her publications are: “Development and Validation of ICT Library Usage Scale for the IIUM Postgraduate Students” (Article in English - 2012); “Gender Equality and the Participation of Muslim Women in Education and Work: A Critical Analysis” (Article in English 2015); “Plagiarism in Academic Writing among Students of Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia” (Chapter in a Book, in English - 2016); “The Concept of Europe as a Cultural Identity” (Article in English – 2017; “Plagiarism in Academic Writing among Students of Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia: An Islamic Perspective” (Article in English – 2018;  “Revival of Islam through Tajdid (Renewal) and Islah (Reform) Tendencies in the Post-Communist Albania” (Article in English – 2019);  “Educational Policy and Educators' Academic Integrity” (Article in English -2019).

Dr. Bukuri Zejno is a mother of two children and has worked for more than three years as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Fundamental and Inter-Disciplinary Studies, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia, teaching courses such as, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving and The Islamic Worldview, Knowledge and Civilization. She has also been teaching on part-time basis, the course of Family Management and Parenting.