ITKI 6203 Islam and Family Institution

This course focuses on the family from the perspective of Muslim scholars and Islamic thought.  It covers topics related to the family, including: How does religion affect the family? How does the family affect religion?  What are the fundamentals of parenting from the point of view of Islamic civilization?   How do Islamic sources provide guidance and set the foundation for the successful raising of Muslim children?

A brief review of the historical background of modern Islamic thought regarding the family is carried out. The course also covers various sociological concepts related to traditional parenting, modern parenting, and mixed parenting. Modern approaches  to parenting and child-raising are discussed and critiqued. Muslim thought and practice regarding parenting is reviewed and analyzed. The evolution of Islamic views on parenting is discussed and debated.  The Islamization of knowledge movement and the concept of knowledge integration is presented and addressed in terms of its effect on Muslim parents. 

The lecturer's approach is to combine lectures, homework and field work to enhance the knowledge and experience of students.  The lecturer encourages active discussion on a wide range of topics related to Islam and Family Institutions. In addition, independent study by students of relevant topics is conducted, and there will be presentations of student work to the class.