Born in Iraq and raised in the United States, Dr. Omar Hisham Altalib began his life as a global nomad.” His upbringing spanning across vastly diverse corners of the world developed the launchpad for his robust career in understanding social connections throughout cultures.

In 2004 he earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago. While he enjoys lecturing college students as a professor, working in the domain of (higher?) education is his target passion. He established a national Muslim youth group and advised the Iraqi Minister of Education.

In addition, Dr. Omar is a prolific published author on family, education, endowments, charitable organizations,opq1 and social work. He frequently attends academic conferences and travels worldwide.

In major world crises, including post-war Iraq, Dr. Omar provides counsel that mobilizes social change. What brings him the most satisfaction is bridging the intercultural communications gap between governments, businesses, soldiers, and civilians in today’s interconnected world.


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