International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
Institute of Knowledge Integration (IKI)


“Past and Future of Islamic Thought in the CIS Countries:
Perspectives for Reforms and Integration of Knowledge”


Istanbul, Turkey,
August 2022


What is Islamic thought (al-fikr al-islāmī) today, and why does the world need Islamic intellectual tradition? From the histories of the past up to the developments of the future, Islamic religious culture encourages not only textual learning, but also critical thinking over the various realities of human existence, be it social, political, economic or any others. In the light of this, the Fifth Forum of CIS scholars invite scholars, PhD Students and Muslim activists to participate with their contributions to one of the mentioned fields:


• Islamic thought as a part of Muslim culture;
• Experiences of Islamic intellectual history in the region;
• Contemporary Islamic thought in the CIS countries;
• Future of Islamic learning and thought in the region;
• Most important trends in Islamic intellectual culture;
• Muslim intellectuals and their role in promotion of knowledge culture;
• Integration of knowledge paradigm and its practical application.


Please send your abstract of no more than 300 words, together with a short biographical statement, by April 15, 2022. Selected candidates will be notified by May 1, 2022. If accepted, conference paper is to be submitted by August 1, 2022. Conference participation is free of charge. The organizers will provide travel refunds and accommodation for the conference speakers. The language of the forum is English and Russian. We plan to publish selected papers in a separate volume.


Both abstract and biographical statement as well as all other inquiries should be sent to [email protected].