Continuing the series of lectures, organized by International Institute of Islamic Thought and Institute оf Knowledge Integration, on May 5, 2021, Alexander Knysh, Professor of University of Michigan (USA) and St. Petersburg State University (RF), presented the topic «How did the scholars of Oriental Studies studied (and continue studying) Islam».

During the lecture, Professor Knysh outlined various approaches to Islam in Western European and North American oriental studies, evolution of ideas about Islam - from being the history of Muslim dynasties and civilizations to its understanding as a set of socio-political and educational practices and institutions, as well as theological teachings and schools of law.

Professor discussed the issue of considering Islam as a civilization, which allows the researchers to combine thematic and chronological-historical approach. According to Professor Knysh, this approach enables religion to enter into dialogue with the historical processes in a particular region of the world.

Specific focus of the lecturer was given to the new trends in Islamic studies, such as viewing Muslim societies from the point of view of demography (including epidemiology), geographic determinism, climatology, history of arts and ecumenism. Professor also reviewed some modern works in the field of Islamic studies.

Presentation was followed with questions from the participants, particularly, about the peculiarities of studying Islam in different countries, the national approach to studies, modern literature on Islamic studies, Islamic legal and psychological schools. Some questions concerned studies of Islam in the school curriculum, as well as position of Islamic leaders regarding the studies of Islam from secular perspective.

There were more than 150 attendants from different countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Poland and others.

The next lecture is scheduled for May 19, it will be given by Doctor Mykhaylo Yakybovych.