Institute of Knowledge Integration (in cooperation with IIIT) continues its series of lectures for CIS countries. The time the lecture presented (March, 26) has been delivered by Dr. Elena Muzykina (Kazakhstan) under the titel «Does it seem to me, or the world around has gone crazy? Modernity as Postnormal Times».

In her lecture, Dr. Muzykina discussed the essence of post-normality and specific of its understanding. The lecturer drew attention to one of the books on the issue concerned, which is of Ziyauddin Sardar "The Postnormal Times Reader", as well as other relevant works on this topic, articles and research centers, including the Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies (CPPFS). Dr. Muzykina spoke on the conceptualization of modernity, which includes postmodern, post-postmodern and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) concepts.

Recording of the lecture «Does it seem to me, or the world around has gone crazy? Modernity as Postnormal Times» will be soonly available on the YouTube channel of the Institute of Knowledge Integration.

The lecture has been attended by more than 30 participants from different countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. After the presentation,  participants were mostly asking about modern concepts of postnormal times and its periodization, sharing their opinions and desire to discuss postnormal times theory and its aspects with their students.

The next lecture, scheduled for April 10, will be given by coach and doctor of philology Aliye Kangiyeva.