IInstitute of Knowledge Integration


With the support of International Institute of Islamic Thought (USA)

Announces the research paper competition

Islam and Interfaith Dialog

    In modern world, when the issue of interreligious understanding and cooperation gains greater importance, many scholars are wondering: what is the role of Islam in achieving peace, prosperity and harmony? How to overcome controversies concerning global and local conflicts involving religious factors? Are Muslims active enough in this regard, are they leading or being led? Hundreds and even thousands of volumes provide their own answers to these questions, but there are still a number of topics that remain highly relevant. This is particularly important regarding the post-Soviet space, having faced religious revival (ongoing in many respects) accompanied by significant social, economic and political transformations.

    Given the importance of the subject, we invite young researchers (under 40) holding degree or currently working on their master's / PhD / doctoral thesis related to the following topics to participate in the competition:

1. Islam in the modern structure of interfaith dialogue;

2. Foundations of interreligious interaction in Islamic law;

3. Modern Islamic thought on the prospects of interreligious peace;

4. Interfaith dialogue in the post-Soviet space;

5. Moderation in Islam as the basis of peace between religions

    The paper (scholarly article) must be written in English, Russian or Ukrainian and to be in compliance with the standards of academic writing.

    Approximate length of work submitted should be between 15 and 25 pages, excluding the list of references (compiled in accordance with the national requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission). The paper, along with cover letter stating the name, contact details (e-mail), educational institution (place of work), position, should be sent to [email protected] before July 1, 2021. Previously published studies are not accepted.

    The winners will be awarded: $2000 for first place, $1000 for second place, $500 for third place. Papers will be judged by special commission consisting of leading Islamic scholars from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany and other countries. Selected works will be published.