As part of the IIIT Lectures Series for the CIS countries, a lecture titled “Monotheism and its Implications in Thought and Life” was delivered by Dr. Ramil (Abdulla Hazrat) Adygamov, who currently serves as the head of the Department of Arabic Language and Humanities at the Kazan Islamic University, and is also a lecturer at the IKI Academy. In his lecture, Ramil Adygamov discussed the importance of the Islamic concept of Tawheed (also known as monotheism and oneness of God) in the context of various types of idols in human life. The lecturer emphasized how Tawheed influences various aspects of human activity, providing a detailed overview of its practical aspects in areas such as family, career, education, finances, health, social relationships, leisure and hobbies, emotional well-being, and moral values.

Additionally, the lecturer analyzed the opinions and expressions of prominent Muslims of the past, such as Rabia al-Adawiyya and Owais al-Qаrani, whose words and life examples serve as valuable guideposts for the perfection of Muslim faith. Life through the prism of monotheism helps develop important qualities such as responsibility, which are essential both for individuals and in the context of their social relationships.

More than thirty participants from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and other countries registered for the lecture. During the lecture, Dr. Adygamov addressed questions related to Islamic ethics and finances. Detailed information about the lecturer’s biography can be accessed through this link The recording of the lecture has been published on the YouTube channel of the Institute оf Knowledge Integration