The IIIT lectures series for CIS countries held a lecture on "The spread of Islam and colonial conquests: common and special features", which was delivered by Jalalitdin Mirzaev (Uzbekistan), Associate Professor of the World History Department of Termez State University, Senior Researcher at the International Research Centre of Imam Termizi. 

During the lecture, participants were able to learn more about the spread of Islam in Termez, the emergence of a Muslim emirate outside the caliphate at the end of the 7th century, the dispute between Muslims and Buddhists, and the difference between Fatah and Russian conquest. 

Dr Mirzaev introduced the participants to the medieval history of Termez, one of the main cities of Central Asia, and its amir, Musa ibn Abdallah. Musa ibn Abdallah ruled Termez for fifteen years. Musa ibn Abdallah's period is the earliest retreat from central authority in the history of the caliphate. "He succeeded for fifteen years in remaining the undisputed master on the great road from West to East." In 704, the combined forces of Arabs, Turks, and Sogdians managed to defeat Musa.  

About 60 participants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine registered for the lecture. Participants also asked about historiography, archival sources. 

The recording of the lecture was published on the Institute Of Knowledge Integration YouTube channel.