The past 2023 year of the IIIT lectures series for CIS countries ended with the continuation of research on Bukhara in the 10th century in the topic "The Role of the Hanafi jurist Abu Zayd al-Dabusi in the Development of Islamic Jurisprudence in Bukhara in the 10th century", which was delivered by the scholar, candidate of historical sciences Zafar Nazhmiddinov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). 

During the lecture Zafar Najmiddinov shared the results of his dissertation research "The place of Abu Zayd al-Dabusi's heritage in the development of Islamic law in Mawarannahr" and focused on such aspects as:

- Peculiarities of the development of Hanafi jurisprudence before the 10th century;
- Information about the scientific achievements of jurists who were contemporaries of Abu Zayd al-Dabusi.
- Influences of Dabusi's works on the works of scholars who lived in regions neighbouring Central Asia.
- Books on the differences between the schools of jurisprudence in Islam (ilm al-khilaf) and Dabusi's connection to this field.

More than 40 participants from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, also Turkey and Azerbaijan registered for the lecture. The lecture was also viewed by more than 250 users of the Institute for Knowledge Integration's YouTube channel

The recording of the lecture can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Institute for Knowledge Integration at the following link: