From October 13 to October 19, 2023, the VI Forum “Muslims of Central Eurasia in the 21st Century: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects” took place in Istanbul. This forum was organized by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (USA) and the Institute of Knowledge Integration (Georgia). The event was attended by approximately 40 scholars from 16 countries, mainly representing the post-Soviet space. Among the participants were scholars from various academic disciplines, including history, sociology, political science, theology, cultural studies, and religious studies, utilizing different methodological approaches. The forum's participants focused on issues related to identity, social consolidation, and the transmission of religious knowledge among Muslims in the region under consideration. Scholars discussed the role of media in disseminating Islamic knowledge, the interaction of civil, ethnic, and religious identity, youth movements and values, Islamic education, and other relevant topics in the everyday lives of Muslims in Central Eurasia. During the forum, lectures were delivered by leading experts in the field of knowledge integration, contemporary Islamic thought, and bias in popular culture. Additionally, academic and grant programs, as well as publications from the Institute of Knowledge Integration, were presented to the forum participants. In the concluding part of the forum, it was noted that over the past six years, it has become an important platform for sharing experiences and developing joint projects among scholars who study Muslim communities in post-communist countries.