As part of the IIIT lectures series for CIS countries, a lecture on «Main Genres and Pecularities of the Medieval Muslim Historical Writing» was given by Professor George Sanikidze of the Ilia State University, the head of the program of Middle Eastern studies and the Director of the G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies at the same University (Tbilisi, Georgia).

During the lecture, Professor George Sanikidze spoke about the immense richness and variety of the Medieval historical literature of the Islamic world, even in comparison with other history-writing civilizations. Also about the peculiarities of genre of ‘universal history’ in Muslim historiography and with its religious (Islamic) character. It is also discussed the peculiarities of Persian and Ottoman historical writings and the reasons of these peculiarities. On the example of some famous medieval Muslim historians is shown the contribution of Muslim historiography to the historical science.

George Sanikidze told the participants that medieval Muslim historical literature, even in Arabic alone, exceeds that of non-Muslim Oriental and Western historical literature in Greek and Latin, and later also in the "new" European languages. 
In the Islamic world, there is early interest in the past, in the "old", but this interest is specific. Islam conveyed great importance to history from the very beginning. At the same time, authentic, true history for Muslims began with Islamic revelation.

More than 50 participants from Georgia, Kirghizia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries registered for the lecture. Participants were thankful for the lecture and asked about different genres in historical Muslim literature. Reflected on the various historical works that have influenced Muslim literature as a whole.

A recording of the lecture is available on the Institute of Knowledge Integration YouTube channel