The Institute of Knowledge Integration has had a Research Grants Program since 2020. This is intended for scholars of the post-Soviet space who are engaged in the study of Muslim communities in the region. The program is interdisciplinary and oriented toward researchers from different academic fields, such as historians, political scientists, sociologists, theologians, culturologists, economists, and psychologists. It is open to both experienced researchers with a long record of academic work and young PhD scholars working on their dissertation projects. The most important goal of the Research Grants Program is to promote the integration of secular and Islamic knowledge within the paradigm of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (USA).

The Research Grants Program presents scholars in the region with a one-year $2,000 grant that can be used to cover the costs of archival work, field research, equipment needed for research, etc. This is a good opportunity for authors working on books and looking to publish them. In addition to receiving a small honorarium, they have the opportunity to publish their work for free. In addition to monographs, the project can also result in a book chapter in a collective volume and a high-quality scientific article.

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis throughout the year and are timed to meet four deadlines: January 15, March 15, June 15, and September 15. The Institute of Knowledge Integration's Committee on Science and Research, composed of the region's leading Islamic Studies scholars, decides to award a grant.

In the framework of 2022–2023 research grants, it is also planned to publish several books on current issues in the life of Muslim communities in the post-Soviet space. Examples include a book on virtual Islam in the region and the Crimean Tatar diaspora in Romania and Bulgaria. The Institute of Knowledge Integration also plans to publish a collection of scholarly articles written by fellows of the Research Grants Program.