We invite applications to the 6th forum “Muslims of Central Eurasia in the 21st Century: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospects" to be held on October 13–19, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey. The forum focuses on issues such as the preservation of religious identity, social consolidation, and the sustainable development of Muslims in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space, united by a common communist past and its cultural, political, and social consequences. We invite scholars who come from this region and professionally study various aspects of life in the Muslim communities of Central Eurasia. The forum provides a platform for interdisciplinary exchanges 
between sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, historians, religious scholars, and others. 

The range of questions to be discussed is not limited to the following:

• Interaction of ethnic, religious, and civic identities of Muslims in Central Eurasia. 
• Social projects and consolidation of Muslims in the region. 
• Religious Identity, religious authorities, and transmission of Islamic knowledge. 
• Muslim institutions as instruments for the formation of civil society in the region. 
• Challenges to sustainable development in Central Eurasia and the Muslim perspective on overcoming them.

To participate in the forum, please send an abstract (150-200 words) and short biodata (100 words) to [email protected] by May 25, 2023. Full papers (4-6,000 words), if selected for the forum, must be submitted by August 25, 2023. The paper guidelines are distributed later. 

The forum languages are English and Russian, however, the abstract and biodata should be sent in English. 

The forum’s organizing committee covers the travel and accommodation expenses of the participants.