ITKI 6001 Methodology of Scientific Research & Concept Formation

This course is designed to introduce students to methods and techniques of academic research in the social sciences and humanities context from an Islamic integrated perspective. One of the main objectives of the course is to train young academicians to conduct a sound scientific research as well as to maintain neutrality and objectivity in data collection and data analysis. Besides, the enrolled students will obtain an nformation related to the process of concept formation.  

In this course, students will learn about main components of research such as problem statement, research design, theoretical framework, literature review, data collection, data analysis and ethical issues in research. Selected data collection methods such as Participant Observation, In-Depth Interview, Survey, Case Study, as well as methods of dealing with primary sources will be discussed briefly. Besides, students will be exposed to hands-on experience of data analysis, interpretation and writing of a research proposal based on the Islamic worldview. 

The lecturer uses a flipped classroom method of teaching, which combines mainly asynchronous teaching material (pre-recorded video lectures) along with synchronous sessions mostly for discussions and hands-on exercises. Throughout the semester, students will be guided individually in the process of the selection of research topic, identification of problem statement, writing of literature review, and, most importantly, they will learn to integrate various research methodology tools in the way of obtaining solutions to existing problems around them and to interpret the data based on the Islamic worldview.